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Meditation Class
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Group Wellness

Having a small community or group of friends on our journey makes forming new habits easier.
Why not sign up for a group mini course suitable for upto 8 people, where we can meet online for 30 minutes a week across four weeks and go over some theory, guided practice and I'll set you some exercises to practices in your own time in between each session.
Can be condensed into two 60 minute sessions if preferred.

Breathe Well Workshop

My 'Breathe Well' workshop consists of both science-based theory as well as guided practice.  I will teach you how to hack your brain activity by changing the rhythm, rate and depth of our breath.
Workshops are fun, powerful and thought provoking.  The simple yet effective techniques will teach you calm during moments of stress or conflict and naturally increase energy when you need a boost.

Personal Wellness

Not everyone has the same needs. In fact, it’s hard to find two people who benefit from the exact same approach to health! Let’s get to know each other and together we’ll build out your personalised 'Breathe Well' plan.
We'll meet online for 30 minutes a week for four weeks to catchup and develop your breathing techniques along with some science and theory.  During the program I'll also set you daily breathing exercises which requires 15 minutes of your time each day and will be available to answer any questions.